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Smokers Lines

Smokers lines also known as peri-oral lines, are small thin lines that occur around the mouth or peri oral area over time.

Close up of ladies lips showing smokers lines

They are caused by repetitive facial expressions and through the natural process of ageing. These lines typically run from the top of the lip unto the nose.

As we age our skins gets thinner and the support in them is lost. They also can be formed by the puckering of the lips repeatedly from smoking hence the name smokers lines. Giving them some hydration will help them appear fuller.

Although smoking accelerates the formation of these lines, it is not the only cause. As we age our skins gets thinner and as we lose collagen and elastin the support in them is lost. There are a number of treatments available to help reduce the appearance of these lines and a consultation is required to establish the best treatment plan for you.

Smokers Lines Treatments

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