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What is Profhilo® Body used for?

Profhilo® Body is a pure hyaluronic acid designed for tissue remodelling and improvement in skin laxity of the inner arm, knees, hands, décolletage and abdomen. It’s often mistaken for a filler, but does not restore lost volume. Instead hydrating the skin and triggering natural collagen and elastin production, resulting in bio renovation.

Made up of the same hyaluronic acid as our Profhilo Face product, Profhilo Body also includes a Body Patch to soothe and moisturise the skin post-treatment, along with a Body Cream to hydrate at home.

How does Profhilo® Body work?

As a stabilised product, Profhilo® stays in the skin for around 28 days. During this time, the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen and elastin takes place, resulting in significant tissue improvement. There are 10 points of injection for each area and it shouldn’t be too painful - just a scratch and mild sting for a short period of time.

It is also a non-invasive treatment, so reduces the possibility of bruising and swelling, while maximising the diffusion of the product in the tissue - and there is no prior prep.

What products help with healing?

For optimum results, the PROFHILO® BODY range also includes:

What are the benefits of Profhilo?

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Disclaimer:You are unique and so is your skin, which is why at Eterno Aesthetics, we always endeavour to recommend and prescribe only the very best treatments for your complexion. Procedure plans, results, down-time and recovery vary from person to person and we will advise the most suitable dermal filler treatment for your concerns.