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Freeze away imperfections such as skin tags, freckles and moles in seconds

The CryoPen (aka cryotherapy) quickly and safely removes warts and other skin lesions with accuracy to the millimetre - and no need for anaesthetic.

During the treatment, our skin therapist will carry out 2 freeze cycles on the targeted area, using a high-pressure jet of nitrous oxide. Because of the in-built precision of the CryoPen, there is no damage to surrounding healthy tissue, offering a safe and pain-free solution for most benign skin lesions.

In the past, these common and often persistent skin imperfections would have required regular visits to your GP, but now, you can simply pop into our Sheffield-based clinic and be treated in just a few minutes.

If you or anyone in your family is concerned about any of the above conditions and are wondering if CryoPen is the right solution, please contact our Clinic Co-ordinator by calling 0114 221 8838 Tuesday - Friday and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Disclaimer:You are unique and so is your skin, which is why at Eterno Aesthetics, we always endeavour to recommend and prescribe only the very best treatments for your complexion. Procedure plans, results, down-time and recovery vary from person to person and we will advise the most suitable steps forward for your concerns.